Southwest Builder Supply

For more than a century, 204 South Fillmore has been home to lumber services in Ringgold County. The Mount Ayr Lumber Co. was established in the early 1900s by three local residents. It evolved to names like Dalbey Lumber Company and Country Boys, before becoming Southwest Builder Supply in 1980. This one address in Mount Ayr has and continues to serve the surrounding area with building materials, hardware, and design services.

Southwest Builder Supply Truck

Southwest Builder Supply has served Southwest and Central Iowa and Northern Missouri since 1980. Located in the idyllic town of Mount Ayr, Iowa, we are proud to help design and provide the literal ‘building blocks’ that make a house a home and turn buildings into flourishing businesses.

You can find all of your lumber and building materials here at Southwest Builder Supply. It's the best place to find engineered wood, hardwood lumber, and plywood or OSB board. We have framing and dimension lumber, moulded interior and exterior millwork, treated deck boards including cedar, as well as treated lumber and plywood.

Our experienced team of building and design professionals contribute to residential and commercial enhancements throughout Ringgold County and beyond, including:

Mount Ayr Inn

From contributing to building initiatives for the historic Princess Theater and Lucky Lanes to supporting our extraordinary, award-winning schools, we are thrilled to play an active role in helping keep Small Town, USA alive and thriving. We are proud to serve the communities throughout Ringgold County including Benton, Maloy, Delphos, Redding, Kellerton, Beaconsfield, Ellston, Tingley, and Diagonal.